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About us

Our family, The Wagners, opened Napier Gold nearly 40 years ago, and it means a lot to us to continue to give back to the community that has kept us in business all this time.


Having assessed thousands of gold, silver, and platinum items, we've built a strong reputation for providing top dollar in our area. How do we know we give top dollar back? Our customers tell us so every day! We simply wouldn't still be here if we didn't give our customers the most money back for their valuable items.


Often we find that the items our customers bring in have a story, and we love hearing those stories and helping to expand upon them by providing historical facts about an item as well as what it is currently worth today.

We pride ourselves on providing quick, free assessments, allowing most customers to leave our store with cash in their hands in just a few minutes.


From my family to yours – We thank you for trusting us to accurately assess your valuable items for the last 40 years, and we hope we can do whatever we can to help you make the most money back from any items you’d like to sell in the future.


The Wagners

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